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  • Shirataki & Itokonnyaku Vegetables

    Spicy ‘Goma-ae’ Spinach

    My family’s favourite ‘Goma-ae Spinach’ sometimes turns to this spicy ‘Goma-ae’ with Itokonnyaku/Shirataki for a change. Itokonnyaku or Shirataki is basically same as Konnyaku/Konjac made from grated Konnyaku Potatoes. They are very low in calories and good source of dietary fiber. It can be replaced with Sweet Potato Starch Noodles which has similar texture. Makes …

  • Pork

    ‘Nibuta’ Boiled Pork

    At many Ramen Shops in Japan, you would find the Pork Slices placed on top of Ramen noodles. They are actually not roasted but boiled. I first created this recipe for my son to be able to cook Pork by himself using only limited tools and ingredients. You only need a pot or a large …