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  • Vegetables

    Watercress & Onion ‘Okaka-ae’

    ‘Okaka’ is another name for ‘Katsuobushi (dried, fermented, and smoked Bonito) shavings’, that is popularly used for many Japanese dishes. When Onions are in season, juicy and sweet fresh Onions are often consumed in ‘Okaka-ae’ which is a dish of very thinly sliced Onion mixed with ‘Okaka’ and seasoned with Soy Sauce. I added left-over …

  • Fish Mazegohan

    Grilled Salmon & Watercress Mazegohan

    My ‘Salmon Takikomigohan’ is super easy to cook. Compare to that dish, you need a little bit more effort to make this ‘Mazegohan’ because you need to grill OR pan-fry Salmon fillets first, but it is worth it. You don’t like peppery Watercress? Don’t worry because it won’t be peppery as Watercress will be cooked …

  • Vegetables


    I often come across unfamiliar food in Melbourne where I live. It was a long time ago, I ate a very green salad in a small cafeteria, and I don’t remember where it was. Everything was chopped up finely and mixed with tiny grains, smelled very strong like celery leaves which I hated then. The …