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  • Cold Sweets

    Super Easy Vanilla Ice Cream

    If you have a food processor, home-made ice-cream is easy to make. Some types of blenders are powerful enough to make it, too. When you make frozen fruit desserts, you simple process frozen fruit pieces with cream or yoghurt. You make Vanilla Ice Cream in the same way. By adding extra ingredients, you can create …

  • Other Seafood Takikomigohan

    Oysters Takikomigohan

    In Japan, shucked Oysters are sold in plastic containers in the same way as meat. They are often quite large and not particularly expensive. Here in Melbourne, Oysters are fancy food. Shucked Oysters are always sold on the half-shell and they are often rather small and quite expensive. This is very disappointing because I like …

  • Matcha

    Soft Matcha Chocolate

    Dark chocolate or white chocolate, ganache is easy to make. You just mix the right amount of ingredients. Adding some Matcha Powder to the white chocolate ganache makes this delicious dessert. You only need 3 ingredients. No chocolate dessert can be easier than this! Ingredients 200g White Chocolate80ml Cream *This amount makes quite soft chocolate.2 …