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    Stir-fried Pork & Cabbage

    The main ingredients for this dish are Pork and Cabbage. I usually add Green Sweet Chilli or Green Capsicum. Onion, Carrot and Garlic Shoots are also good. When you cook this type of stir-fry dish, you must prepare everything before you actually start cooking. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 400g Pork *thinly sliced1 pinch Salt1 tablespoon …

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    Pickled Sliced Turnip

    Kyoto, Japan’s old capital city, is famous for temples, shrines, old wooden houses and gardens. It’s also famous for traditional dining and amazing sweets. But, do you know it’s famous for a variety of pickled vegetables? The most famous one is this ‘Pickled Sliced Turnip’ and it’s called ‘Senmai-zuke’, that literally means ‘pickled thousand slices’. …