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  • Bread Dough

    Damper (Australian Soda Bread)

    ‘Damper’ was originally developed by swagmen who travelled in remote areas in Australia, from farm to farm, carrying his belongings in a swag. Traditionally, damper is cooked directly on the coals of a camp fire. Damper is very popular here in Australia. This is how I make it at home. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 2 …

  • Vegetables

    Soy Sauce Pickled Daikon

    In a Japanese style dinner, a small dish of pickled vegetables, ‘Tsuke-mono’ in Japanese, is commonly served. My mother and her mother both used to make a variety of pickled vegetables in very large containers. I haven’t inherited the culture. However, I make ‘Tsuke-mono’ in much smaller batches using much less Salt. Ingredients About 300g …

  • Potato

    ‘Goma-ae’ Satoimo (Taro)

    ‘Taro’ potato, ‘Satoimo’ in Japanese, has creamy & slimy texture and I love it. I often use Frozen Satoimo that are already peeled and ready to cook, because my hands often feel itchy when I peel Satoimo skin. However, today I found very good looking, perfectly small in size fresh Satoimo at a local green …