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  • Beef Curry

    Beef Shank Curry

    In Melbourne, Italian ‘Osso Bucco’ cuts from Beef are widely available. Since I discovered that the ‘Osso Bucco’ cuts are the same meat that I used to cook for ‘Oden’, a popular Nabe (Hot Pot) dish in Japan, I am loving to cook ‘Osso Bucco’ cuts in Japanese way. This ‘Beef Shank Curry’ is easy …

  • Bread Dough Steamed & Microwaved Sweets

    Steamed Sultana Buns

    When I was a child, my family’s breakfast was ‘Toast & Hot Drink’, not ‘Miso Soup & Rice’. When we were out of bread, my mother made steamed buns for us. Sometimes she made pancakes, but it seemed steamed buns were the easiest to make for her. She often made ‘Raisin Buns’. I make them …