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  • Cold Sweets

    Tapioca Milk Jelly

    I have tried to make ‘Tapioca Pudding’ several times. I followed the instruction printed on the package of Tapioca Pearls. Every time I slightly burned the bottom of the saucepan. Then I decided to reduce the amount of Tapioca Pearls for the recipe, and I added Gelatine to help setting. It was a BRILLIANT idea!!! …

  • Nuts Sweets Tofu

    Silken Tofu & Rum Raisins Chocolate Truffles

    Not very keen on Tofu? Please know that Tofu is soy milk. ‘Silken Tofu’ is made by coagulating thick soy milk. It can be used for cooking just like cow’s milk and cream. See my ‘Tofu Cream’ recipe. Once you tasted these delicious chocolate truffles without prejudice, you would love them. Naturally, they can be …