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    Rice Cooker Cheesecake

    It’s the end of year 2019. The repair work of my kitchen hasn’t started yet and I am still cooking in a bathroom. As I have no access to my oven, I am making cakes using my rice cooker. It is actually the easiest & most energy-efficient way to cook cakes on a hot summer …

  • Other Soup Shirataki & Itokonnyaku

    Low-Calorie Hot & Sour Noodle Soup

    This ‘Hot & Sour Soup’ is low in calories, though it is packed with good nutrients. With Noodles, it can be a very filling & healthy meal. If you are trying to lose weight, I recommend Konjac Noodles. They are called ‘Shirataki’ OR ‘Itokonnyaku’ in Japanese, but they are widely available these days as Konjac …