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  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    Polenta (Cornmeal) Cookies

    These Italian ‘Zaletti’ inspired cookies are ‘love them or hate them’ cookies. As the main ingredient is Polenta (Cornmeal), the cookie’s texture is grainy. If you don’t enjoy the texture of cornbread, you might not enjoy them. But I love them!!! Makes 24 cookies Ingredients 125g Butter *softened1/2 cup Caster Sugar1 Egg1 cup Polenta (Cornmeal)3/4 …

  • Dough Pizza & Flammkuchen


    Flammkuchen (OR Flammekueche) is not well known. You even don’t know how to pronounce it, do you? Some people call it ‘German Pizza’. I heard that there are some regional variations, but most commonly Sour Cream is used. It’s surprisingly easy to make and I am loving it! Makes 2 to 4 Servings Ingredients Base1 …