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  • Harusame & Rice Noodles Vegetables

    Spinach & Wakame Harusame Salad

    One of my family’s TOP 3 warm day dishes is ‘Harusame Salad’. Cucumber is an essential ingredient to make it, but I didn’t have it when I craved it on the other day. So I used totally different ingredients with same flavour dressing. The result was brilliant! Makes 2 Servings Ingredients 100g Harusame Noodles (Bean …

  • Tofu & Soy Protein

    Hot Tofu (Yudōfu)

    This is a dish of Tofu that is simply heated in Water, often with a piece of Kombu. The heated Tofu can be enjoyed with your favourite sauce and condiments. The most popular sauce is a mix of Katsuobushi (Bonito Flakes), Spring Onion and Soy Sauce. Without a doubt, this is one of the most …