Archive for July 28th, 2020

  • Fish

    Miso Marinated Salmon

    This ‘Miso Marinated Salmon’ is delicious, but it is easy to burn. I recently discovered this baking paper method to cook Fish. My large thick-base frying pan used to be Non-stick but not anymore. Cover it with baking paper, so that it turns perfectly Non-stick. And this way, fish fillets cook nicer than directly on …

  • Fish Nuts

    Scrumptious Dried Sardines & Walnuts

    These dried infant Sardines can be found at Japanese or Asian grocery stores as ‘Niboshi’ or ‘Iriko’. ‘Niboshi’ is a very popular ingredient for Japanese home cooking, but it’s so hard to find where I live. Yesterday I found a bag of ‘Niboshi’ at a nearby Korean grocery store! I bought it and cooked this …

  • Sea Vegetables Tofu & Soy Protein

    Simmered ‘Arame’ & Fried Tofu

    ‘Arame’ is a sea vegetable of Kombu (Kelp) family and its texture is softer than Kombu’s. My mother used to cook ‘Arame’ very frequently. It is more popular than Hijiki or Kombu where I grew up. I happened to come across a bag of Dried ‘Arame’ at a local Asian grocery store yesterday. I purchased …