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  • Beef

    ‘Kara-age’ Fried Beef

    One day when I was cooking ‘Kara-age’ Fried Chicken, I wondered why I had never cooked ‘Kara-age’ Fried Beef. That question had been bothering me since. So, I decided to cook it. I found the same marinade didn’t work well for Beef. And the Fried Beef ended up soggy outside and dry inside. A different …

  • Vegetables

    Bashed Cucumber & Kimchi

    Gently bashed and broken Cucumber gets seasoned better. It is a very popular technic in Japan. This is a super easy and quick salad. Just mix Cucumber with your favourite Kimchi. The key ingredient is Sesame Oil. The saltiness, sourness and spiciness are deliciously combined by the Sesame Oil. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 1 Continental …

  • Vegetables

    Pan-fried Broccoli with Creamy Sesame Sauce

    Steam-frying using a frying pan is the easiest method to cook Broccoli. Cheesy Sauce is really nice, but this super easy Creamy Sesame Sauce is also good. One large head of Broccoli would be eaten very quickly with this sauce. Makes 2 to 4 Servings Ingredients 1 large head (*about 300g) Broccoli *cut into small …