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  • Egg

    Water & Energy Saving Boiled Eggs

    There are many different methods to cook Boiled Eggs, and you probably have your own method. This is an energy-saving method you might be interested in. You only need a small amount of Water and cooking time is 5 minutes regardless of the saucepan size and number of Eggs to cook. And Eggs can be …

  • Udon

    Easy Home-Made Udon

    Freshly cooked home-made Udon Noodles have great rubbery and chewy textures as Udon should do. The reason why I don’t make it very often is because the dough is very stiff and I have to knead with feet. (See how it can be done here.) I tried to make slightly softer dough that I can …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    Sweet Potato ‘Yōkan’ Cake

    There is a Japanese sweet called ‘Imo Yōkan’, that is made with Japanese Sweet Potato. I have been trying to make it using Australian common orange-colour Sweet Potato in some traditional methods, and no method worked well. So, I decided to make it in a very different way. Finally, I am happy with this cake, …