There are many different methods to cook Boiled Eggs, and you probably have your own method. This is an energy-saving method you might be interested in. You only need a small amount of Water and cooking time is 5 minutes regardless of the saucepan size and number of Eggs to cook. And Eggs can be soft to hard as you like.


Eggs *as many as you want to cook

  1. Place Water in a saucepan about 1cm deep, bring to the boi, and it won’t take long. *Note: If you use hot tap water, even quicker.
  2. Once Water starts to boil, lower the heat, carefully place Eggs, cover with the lid, and steam-boil for 5 minutes. *Note: You need to keep water boiling as you need steam.
  3. Remove from the heat, keep the lid on, and set aside for 5 minutes for medium soft Eggs. According to the softness required, alter the resting time.
  4. *Note: Egg in the above photo was a large size Egg, used straight from the fridge, cooked for 5 minutes, and rested for 5 minutes.
  5. *Note: You need to adjust the resting time depending on the size of the Egg and temperature.