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  • Egg

    Nori & Egg ‘Furikake’

    Savoury rice sprinkles are called ‘Furikake’ in Japan. There are loads of ‘Furikake’ products available from stores, and the most popular ‘Furikake’ is ‘Nori & Egg Furikake’. Store-bought ‘Furikake’ are crispy and yummy, but have you ever read the very long list of ingredients? You can make ‘Nori & Egg Furikake’ at home. You can’t …

  • Fish Vegetables

    Stir-fried Carrot & ‘Tarako’ (Pollock Roe)

    If you have some leftover ‘Tarako’ OR ‘Mentaiko’ (Salted Pollock Roe) and looking for a way to use it up, try this super simple stir-fry. ‘Umami’ and saltiness, and also spiciness if you use ‘Mentaiko’, come from the Salted Pollock Roe, what you have to do is just stir-fry. This dish is perfect to eat …

  • Egg

    Thin Omelette Strips

    These noodle-like thin omelette strips are called ‘Kinshi Tamago’ (錦糸卵) in Japan. It is a decorative way to add Eggs to a dish. We use it for many dishes. I usually don’t season it but sometimes add a small pinch Salt. If you like Japanese cuisine, you may wish to know how to cook it. …