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  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    Matcha Financier (Friand)

    The popular French cake ‘Friand’ is well known as ‘Financier’ in Japan, and they are usually baked in the shape of Bar of Gold. ‘Financier’ means ‘Financial’, and that’s why ‘Financier’ cakes are in that shape. I don’t have such specialised tins, so I bake them using muffin tins. Makes 8 Cakes Ingredients 100g Butter …

  • Chicken

    Baked Chicken Mince

    There is an old Japanese sweet called ‘Matsukaze’ (Wind in the Pines) that has hundreds of years history. And there is a Chicken Mince dish that looks like the sweet ‘Matsukaze’. This Chicken Mince dish is often prepared for the New Year celebration. I don’t have a large square pan, I bake it in the …

  • Vegetables

    Pickled Chrysanthemum Turnips

    ‘Pickled Chrysanthemum Turnips’ is called ‘Kikka Kabu’ (菊花かぶ) in Japan. It is often prepared for the New Year celebration. Small Turnips are prepared and pickled so that they look like Chrysanthemum Flowers. You can use Red Radishes, too. They are just pickled in a simple marinade, but they look pretty, don’t they? Makes 4 Servings …