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    Vegan Abura-age (Fried Thin Tofu) Gyoza

    As my brother-in-law’s family and good friends of mine turned Vegan last year, I had been trying to create a new Vegan Gyoza recipe using Firm Tofu, but I couldn’t achieve the texture that I was wishing to create. Then, on the other day, to use up leftover Gyoza Wrappers, I made some Gyoza using …

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    Decorative Cucumber

    My mother made ‘Bento’ lunch for my sisters and me for many many years. One of the memorable things of her ‘Bento’ is Cucumber that she cut decoratively, and those Cucumber pieces stood out in the ‘Bento’ box. Such a simple effort can make just a piece of Cucumber something special. I will show you …