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  • Chicken

    Miso Marinated Chicken

    My ‘Miso Marinated Salmon’ is delicious. The same marinade can be used to marinate not only Fish but also Chicken and Pork. I added some Sugar to make the marinade sweeter for Chicken, but it is up to your preference. If you cook them in a frying pan, please note that Miso Marinated Chicken are …

  • Other Seafood Takikomigohan

    Dried Scallops Takikomigohan

    Soak dried Scallops in water until soft and you will have a really nice stock. Using this stock and softened Scallops, you can cook a delicious ‘Takikomigohan’. Today I added Carrot and Shiitake as well, but just Scallops and Spring Onions would be good enough. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 50g Dried Scallops400ml Water2 cups (*180ml …