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  • Pork

    Skinless Pork Sausages

    We really don’t know what is in the store-bought sausages, do we? It would be good if I could make sausages at home knowing exactly what is in them. However, sausage making is not an easy task. I don’t have tools and the casings are not widely available. The solutions is making them skinless. Makes …

  • Potato Vegetables

    Kimchi & Sweet Potato Salad

    On the other day, when I shared my ‘Kimchi Potato’ recipe on my Facebook page, a Canadian man posted his comment that he loved Kimchi & Sweet Potato. He also posted a photo of a dish of Kimchi & Sweet Potato that he cooked. That photo inspired me to make this recipe. Kimchi & Sweet …

  • Dips & Spreads Potato

    Sweet Potato Paste

    Sweet paste made of mashed beans such as Azuki OR Butter Beans is very popular in Japan. The paste made of Chestnuts is also popular. Today I want to introduce this ‘Sweet Potato Paste’. This paste can be used as a filling for ‘Dorayaki’, Crepes, Pancakes, Buns, etc. You can spread it on a toast. …