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  • Mushrooms Vegetables

    Snow Fungus & Cucumber Salad

    Snow Fungus, aka White Jelly Mushroom, is a popular cooking ingredient in many Asian countries. Dried Snow Fungus is available form most Asian grocery stores. I use it mainly for salad and soup. The texture of Snow Fungus is similar to Black Fungus. I love its crunchiness. Makes 4 to 6 Servings Ingredients 20g Dried …

  • Mazegohan

    Vegan Soy Meat Mazegohan

    My family’s favourite Mazegohan is ‘Beef Mazegohan’. Today I replaced Beef with Soy Meat for a Vegan version. I used Fillet type, but Mince type can be used. Dry Soy Meat is made from Soy Beans and Water, and it is basically dried Tofu. Available from most Asian grocery stores, and not expensive at all. …