Archive for May 24th, 2021

  • Bread

    Savoury Spinach Crepes

    Bread Wraps (Flatbread) are not super easy to make, but Crepe is. If you have never tried to make it before, you should try. Crepe is basically a very thin pancake, and it is super quick & easy to make. Today I added some finely chopped Spinach to the batter for extra nutrients. It looks …

  • Vegetables

    Teriyaki Brussels Sprouts

    Just like many people use Salt & Pepper to season a variety of food, we Japanese use Sugar & Soy Sauce very often, and most Vegetables are delicious in this flavour. I often add Mirin as well because Mirin adds sweetness and also Umami to the dishes. Today I seasoned Brussels Sprouts with these three …