Archive for June 17th, 2021

  • Sushi

    Teriyaki Chicken Chirashi-zushi

    ‘Chirashi-zushi’ is a type of Sushi and it is a kind of decorated rice salad. It is very popular in Japan. I often make it, but I have never made ‘Chirashi-zushi’ with Chicken. As Teriyaki Chicken is my Aussie family’s favourite filling for Sushi Rolls, today I decided to make Teriyaki Chicken Chirashi-zushi for the …

  • Bread

    Extra Soft Milk Bread

    I grew up on this type of soft and fluffy white bread in Japan. These days I much prefer heavy crusty bread, but I sometimes miss Japanese soft milk bread. I am now writing down how I make this buttery ‘Extra Soft Milk Bread’. You might be interested in making it. Loaf Tin Standard Loaf …