Archive for July 1st, 2021

  • Pork

    Hoisin Pork Sauce

    To make my ‘Spicy Meat Sauce’, I use Red Miso (dark coloured Japanese Miso) and Soy Sauce. The other day I added Hoisin Sauce as well, just because I needed to use it up. The sauce was so good and inspired me to make this Pork Sauce. This meat sauce can be enjoyed with freshly …

  • Cold Sweets

    Apple Juice & Vodka Jelly

    Many people are making this Apple Juice Jelly that has a resemblance to foamy Beer. Beer look-alike Jelly can be alcoholic, can’t it? Then I decided to add Vodka to it. You can use ‘Umeshu’, Brandy OR other Liquor instead. The white foamy top is the same Jelly that is just whipped up. *Warning: This …