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  • Donburi (Rice Bowl) Fish

    Tuna & Cabbage Salad Rice Bowl

    I used my ‘Garlic Sesame Dressing’ to make this Tuna & Cabbage Salad. This salad can be enjoyed as a side dish, but today I made it into a rice bowl as the flavour of this salad goes well with Rice. It is a very filling dish, but it’s quite low in calories as this …

  • Dressings & Vinaigrettes

    Garlic Sesame Dressing

    This salad dressing is probably the one I use most frequently. Any Salad Vegetables, Seaweed such as Wakame, Tofu, Egg, Konnyaku (Konjac), or even Noodles taste great with this dressing. I never make it in a large batch as it is so simple to make, but you can easily double the amount. Makes Enough for …