Archive for November 15th, 2021

  • Cold Sweets

    Super Easy Cream Cheese Mousse

    My ‘Super Easy No-bake Cheesecake’ is literally SUPER EASY. You only need basic ingredients, BUT you must use full-fat Cream Cheese and Thickened Cream (OR Heavy Cream). This ‘Cream Cheese Mousse’ is almost identical to the Cheesecake, but you can use fat-reduced light type products because the mixture should be set in the serving glasses …

  • Tofu & Soy Protein

    Agedashi Tofu with Gochujang Sauce

    The other day my daughter cooked a Korean dish called ‘Tteokbokki’. The sauce was too sweet for me, but I thought that the sauce would be good with ‘Agedashi Tofu’ (aka ‘Agedashidōfu’). I made a similar sauce that is much less sweet. The spicy & garlicky sauce is totally different from the traditional Japanese sauce …