Archive for February 5th, 2022

  • Vegetables

    Marinated Shiso (Perilla) Leaves

    My Green Shiso (Perilla) plants have been growing very well this summer. It’s hard to keep up eating the fragrant leaves, because I am the only one who wants to eat them. I looked for a new way to enjoy Shiso leaves, and found that many people marinate them in Soy Sauce. I instantly thought …

  • Onigiri (Rice Balls) Sushi

    Smoked Salmon ‘Onigirazu’ (Rice Sandwich)

    Compared to ‘Onigiri’ (Japanese Rice Ball) that is shaped into a ball or a triangle by hands, ‘Onigirazu’ is shaped into a flat square and wrapped with Nori. This new food has no rule at all about the filling. Today I used leftover Sushi Rice to make this delicious Smoked Salmon ‘Onigirazu’. Creamy Cheese and …