Compared to ‘Onigiri’ (Japanese Rice Ball) that is shaped into a ball or a triangle by hands, ‘Onigirazu’ is shaped into a flat square and wrapped with Nori. This new food has no rule at all about the filling. Today I used leftover Sushi Rice to make this delicious Smoked Salmon ‘Onigirazu’. Creamy Cheese and Smoked Salmon are absolutely great fillings.


1 Serving


1 sheet Sushi Nori
1 serving Sushi Rice (Japanese Short Grain Rice) *You can used unseasoned Cooked Short Grain Rice if you prefer
Smoked Salmon
Cottage Cheese OR Cream Cheese
Dill *fresh OR dry
A few thin slices Onion
Salad Vegetables *e.g. Lettuce, Cucumber, etc.

  1. Place thin layer of Sushi Rice in the centre of a Nori sheet, shape it into a square so that it would be easy to wrap.
  2. Place some Salad Vegetables, then creamy Cottage Cheese or Cream Cheese, and add some Dill and Onion. Top with Smoked Salmon.

  3. Cover with another layer of Rice and press down the layers keeping the square shape. Use a piece of plastic warp to prevent the rice sticks to your hands.
  4. Fold in a corner and its opposite side corner, then another corner and its opposite side corner to make a square shape. Turn it over, then the moisture will help the corners stick together.
  5. Enjoy the ‘Onigirazu’ as it is or cut in half.