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  • Beef Mushrooms Pork

    Mushroom Stuffed Meat Rolls

    Thinly sliced Pork and Beef are commonly available in Japan, and it would be easy to prepare this Ukrainian inspired dish. However, here in Melbourne where I live, thinly sliced Pork and Beef are not easy to find. Some Asian grocery stores sell them, but you need to be careful because those thinly sliced Pork …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets Bread Dough

    Easter ‘Pampushky’

    ‘Pampushky’ are Ukrainian Bread Rolls. They can be savoury OR sweet, and baked OR deep-fried. As the ‘Jam Filled ‘Pampushky’ that I made the other day were so good, today I used the same dough to make these Easter ‘Pampushky’. They are almost same as Hot Cross Buns, but the texture is similar to Doughnuts. …