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    Cabbage Rolls

    Cabbage Rolls are much easier to prepare than you think, though you need large Cabbage leaves. I often use uncooked Sausages for the stuffing, but today I made the stuffing using Pork Mince. I heard that Ukrainian people often add Cooked Rice to the mixture, so I added 1 cupful of Cooked Rice. I think …

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    Ukrainian Inspired Cabbage Pancakes

    Japan has the world-famous Cabbage Pancakes ‘Okonomiyaki’. Other countries have their own Cabbage Pancakes. This is my ‘Ukrainian inspired Cabbage Pancakes’. It seems Ukrainian people stew the shredded Cabbage before mixing it with other ingredients. I used my favourite method to wilt the shredded Cabbage. I added Sour Cream as I strongly believe Ukrainians love …