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  • Sushi

    Vegan Chirashi-zushi

    ‘Chirashi-zushi’ is a type of Sushi and it is a kind of decorated rice salad. A variety of ingredients are used to mix with Sushi Rice OR cover it in a decorative way. It is a very popular Sushi in Japan as it is relatively easy to prepare. A Vegan version can be easy. You …

  • Mushrooms

    Simmered Sliced Shiitake

    For Sushi Rolls and Chirashi-zushi, Shiitake Mushrooms that are seasoned with Sugar, Soy Sauce and Mirin is a popular ingredient. Please use Dried Shiitake as the texture and the flavour are more suitable. If you mix them with Sushi Rice OR use them as a filling for Sushi Rolls, already sliced Dried Shiitake is the …

  • Onigiri (Rice Balls) Sushi

    Sushi ‘Onigiri’ Rice Balls

    You like Sushi Rolls? Using exactly the same ingredients, you can make ‘Onigiri’ Rice Balls. Mix the filling ingredients with Sushi Rice, form into ‘Onigiri’, and wrap with Nori in your preferred way. Perfect for lunch or snack, much easier to make, and tastes the same. You don’t know how to make triangular balls? Then …