Archive for October 26th, 2022

  • Mushrooms Pork

    Sautéed Pork & Oyster Mushrooms with Sage

    This absolutely simple dish was amazingly delicious. I have a bush of Sage in my garden. Every year, it grew bigger and bigger, and there are a lot of leaves now. Tempura is a great way to enjoy Sage Leaves, but I wanted to try something new. Then I cooked this dish, seasoned with Salt …

  • Sea Vegetables

    Chikuwa (Fish Cake) & Kombu

    This is a very Japanese dish, but you will never come across at any Japanese restaurants. Kombu (Kelp) is an important part of our cuisine. We make Dashi Stock using it, and we use Kombu for cooking a lot. Yesterday I found already shredded Dried Kombu at a Chinese grocery store and I decided to …

  • Halloween Spaghetti & Pasta

    Halloween Spaghetti Monster

    This ‘Spaghetti Monster’ can be a popular dish on your Halloween dinner table. I am certain young children would love it. Basically you can use your favourite Pasta Sauce OR Pesto. To make the dish look like a monster, create eyes (you may prefer one large eye) using Bocconcini (Mozzarella Balls), boiled Egg, OR whatever …