Archive for November 4th, 2022

  • Beans & Peas Fish

    Cannellini (White Beans) & Tuna Salad

    Beans are not expensive and nutritious. As food prices soar, it might be a good idea to start eating more Beans. This is a super simple salad of Beans. I added a small can of Tuna as well. Chickpeas and other Beans can be used, but I used Cannellini (White Beans). You may wish to …

  • Fish Takikomigohan

    Kippers & Shimeji Takikomigohan

    ‘Takikomigohan’ is a Japanese dish of Rice that is cooked with other ingredients and seasonings. I have used a variety of Canned Fish to cook ‘Takikomigohan’, but never used Kippers. So, I tried. I concerned about the smoky flavour of Kippers, but it was fine. This is another yummy ‘Takikomigohan’ that you can cook with …