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  • Other Seafood

    Baked Oysters with White Sauce

    In Melbourne where I live, Oysters are pricy, they are rather small, and always available on the half shell to be eaten raw. But, you know what? When we purchase them from shops, they are not super fresh any more and they often smell fishy. I don’t like to eat those Oysters raw. These Baked …

  • Dough Potato

    Curry Potato Pie

    I made this pie when I craved Samosa, that is a deep-fried South Asian pastry. The most popular filling of Samosa is a mixture of spiced Potatoes, Onions and Peas. I added Cheese for this pie. Samosa is NOT easy to make, but this pie is. Pastry should be basic Shortcrust Pastry, but you can …

  • Vegetables

    Spicy Lotus Root

    Lotus Root is a popular vegetable in Japan. It is called ‘Renkon’ in Japanese and Frozen Sliced ‘Renkon’ are available in Melbourne where I live. Frozen Sliced ‘Renkon’ are partially cooked and have lost crispiness, but can be used for a variety of dishes. Today I simply pan-fried them and dressed with this spicy sauce. …