Archive for January 9th, 2023

  • Beans & Peas Vegetables

    Edamame Tabbouleh

    I love Edamame Beans (Young Soy Beans) and I often add them to salads. Frozen Edamame Beans that are already removed from pods are available from many stores in Melbourne. I always stock a bag of them and it is so handy. Do you like Tabbouleh? You might add Chickpeas and Nuts to it. Try …

  • Cold Sweets Fruit

    Fruit Salad Jelly (Vegetarian)

    This Fruit Salad Jelly is usually made with Kanten and it is very popular in Japan. My mother used to set it in cups for individual serves. Today I used my old Tupperware Jelly Mould that I bought decades ago and I am still using. It was a good investment. Kanten is hard to find …