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  • Dough

    ‘Isobe Mochi’ made with Glutinous Rice Flour

    ‘Isobe Mochi’ is a Japanese snack. Mochi is a Rice Cake made from Glutinous Rice, streamed and pounded into thick paste. To make ‘Isobe Mochi’, slightly grill Mochi until soft, dress with the sauce made with Soy Sauce, then wrap with Nori. I crave it sometimes. There are some easy methods to make Mochi, including …

  • Donburi (Rice Bowl) Mushrooms

    ‘Nametake’ Enoki Rice Bowl

    ‘Nametake’ Enoki, a popular Japanese dish, is super simple and easy to make. If you have ‘Nametake’ in your fridge, it takes only a few minutes to prepare this absolutely delicious rice bowl dish. ‘Nametake’ is delicious with Rice, Noodles, Pasta, Tofu, etc. You can use it for cooking as well. Why don’t you try …