Archive for June 11th, 2023

  • Drink Fruit

    Watermelon Smoothie

    Last week, when I was very unwell with a bad cold, my husband bought me a half cut of Watermelon. It was very kind of him. I wished if he could cut it into small cubes, so that I could eat some. Anyway, the Watermelon was sitting in the fridge for several days. When I …

  • Beans & Peas

    Soy Bean Salad with Gochujang Mayo Dressing

    Please use Boiled Soy Beans OR Edamame Beans (Young Soy Beans) for this salad. Crunchy Vegetables are suitable for this salad as the Boiled Soy Beans and Edamame Beans are crunchy. You can season this salad with your favourite dressing, but today I used the same Gochujang Mayo Dressing that I used for ‘Cabbage & …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    Black Sesame & Coconut Milk Cake

    Black Sesame Seeds are not a popular cooking ingredient in Australia. People don’t use it for cooking. In Japan where I grew up, Black Sesame Seeds are used for many desserts. I believe the flavours of Black Sesame and Coconut are a good match. This cake doesn’t look very pretty but it smells amazing and …