Last week, when I was very unwell with a bad cold, my husband bought me a half cut of Watermelon. It was very kind of him. I wished if he could cut it into small cubes, so that I could eat some. Anyway, the Watermelon was sitting in the fridge for several days. When I finally got better, I cut it into cubes and froze them. Today I used the frozen Watermelon cubes to make this simple Smoothie. You don’t need Strawberries. Why do many Watermelon Smoothie recipes require Strawberries anyway?


1 Serving


200g Watermelon *half-frozen recommended
100ml Unsweetened Yoghurt OR Milk *OR 50ml Yoghurt & 50ml Milk
1 teaspoon Sugar *alter the amount depending on the sweetness of Watermelon
*Note: The recommended ratio of Watermelon and Yoghurt (OR Milk) is 2 :1.

  1. Cut sweet red parts of Watermelon into small cubes. I recommend to freeze them slightly. If you use Watermelon without freezing it, add 2 Ice Cubes.
  2. Make sure your blender OR hand blender is strong enough to crush Ice Cubes.
  3. Place all ingredients in a suitable (strong enough) glass or blender jug, and blend until smooth.