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  • Bread

    Coconut Milk Bread

    Probably you won’t taste Coconut in this bread. This bread tastes like ordinary bread, but it smells good. Today I used 1/2 cup Coconut Milk and 1/2 cup Water. For stronger Coconut flavour, you can increase the amount of Coconut Milk. You might prefer using Coconut Milk only. Loaf Tin Standard Loaf Tin Ingredients 2 …

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    Rice Cooker Orange Upside-down Cake

    The other day, I baked Orange Upside Down Cake. The top of the cake was nicely browned but the most important bottom was not browned. I was very disappointed, but I instantly thought about cooking it in the rice cooker. All my Upside-down Cakes can be superbly cooked in the rice cooker, because the bottom …