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  • Other Soup

    Creamy Corn Soup

    My children loved Instant Creamy Corn Cup Soup when they were young. I used to stock it in the pantry, but these day I stock Canned Creamed Corn instead. Most soups are easy to make, so is the Creamy Corn Soup, and home-made soup tastes the best and healthy. You can add Angel Hair Pasta …

  • Chicken

    Teriyaki Shiso (Perilla) Wrapped Chicken Patties

    My Shiso (Perilla) plants are growing well in a pot. They never die, don’t they? Every year, I can enjoy the fragrant Shiso. Here is another recipe that you can use Shiso, and this is quite popular in Japan. However, it is not popular in my house. My family members don’t enjoy Shiso. It smells …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets Fruit

    Apple Sponge Pudding

    Using canned Apples, diced OR sliced, this classic dessert is super quick and easy to make. When Apples are in season OR you have lots of Apples from your backyard tree, you might prefer cooking fresh Apples, and that would taste the best. I like Apple filling in this dessert absolutely soft, and that’s why …