• Squid & Octopus

    Stir-fried Squid with Garlic & Anchovy

    ‘Anchovy Garlic Sautéed Green Beans’ is one of the most popular recipes listed on my website. I love Anchovy & Garlic. And I love Squid. If I mix them together? It got to be delicious, but it needs a kick in the flavour. Enjoy it with plenty of cracked pepper or Shichimi (Japanese chilli spice …

  • Dressings & Vinaigrettes

    My Legendary Caesar Dressing

    I have been making this dressing for decades. Mixing with this dressing, humble lettuce leaves turn into a gorgeous salad. I always use wine vinegar, either red or white, and add no salt and no pepper to the dressing. Everyone who tasted it loved the flavour. I hope you enjoy it, too. Ingredients Anchovy Filets …

  • Vegetables

    Anchovy Garlic Sautéed Green Beans

    It is quite hard to understand why some people dislike Anchovy & Garlic. It’s a heavenly combination and that makes the simple sautéed beans into an extra spacial dish. I have cooked this dish for so many occasions and everyone enjoyed it, even the ones who hate fish. I love this dish. Makes 4 to …

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