• Potato

    Buckwheat Flour Potato Pancakes

    These Potato Pancakes can be made with Wheat Flour OR any Flour of your choice, but today I used Buckwheat Flour. If you have Buckwheat Flour, you may wish to try it. These Potato Pancakes need to be cooked with a generous amount of Oil to make it crispy. You may be interested in ‘Hash …

  • Dough Sweets

    100% Buckwheat Flour Dumplings

    There is a food called ‘Soba-Gaki’ in Japan. It’s a sticky thick paste made with Buckwheat Flour and Water. You can roll this paste into small balls to make these 100% Buckwheat Flour Dumplings. Mixing Buckwheat Flour and boiling hot water is the popular method to make the paste, but I recommend NOT to use …

  • Bread

    100% Buckwheat Flour Bread

    The nutritious and gluten-free Buckwheat Flour is widely available from supermarket stores these days. It’s a little tricky to make bread using only Buckwheat Flour which has no gluten, but this recipe is super easy and you can make rather moist Buckwheat Bread. The dough is very soft and runny. You may wish to add …