• Other Seafood

    Stir-fried Clams with Spicy Tomato Sauce

    This dish has been inspired by a European style dish of Clams that I saw on the internet. Clams were cooked with Garlic & Tomato. I instantly thought about adding Soy Sauce and Toban Djan (Chilli Bean Sauce) to that dish. Added Spring Onion instead of Herbs. This is an Asian style dish of Clams. …

  • Miso Soup Other Seafood

    Clam Miso Soup

    I had never cooked this Miso Soup for my family in Australia before. One reason is it is NOT easy to find Clams where I live. Another reason is my husband and son don’t like shellfish. I cooked it today because my daughter requested me to cook it, just for two of us. In Japan, …

  • Other Seafood

    Butter Soy Clams

    Anything tastes good with Butter & Soy Sauce, and so do Clams! This is another super quick & easy & delicious dish. The Clams and the sauce can be mixed with freshly cooked Pasta, OR this dish is great for drinking! Makes 2 Servings Ingredients 300g Clams *Today I used ‘Pippi’1 cup Salted Water *1 …