garlic shoots

  • Pork Vegetables

    Pork & Garlic Shoots with Oyster Sauce

    The other day I shared a super easy recipe ‘Bacon & Garlic Shoots’ that is seasoned with Salt & Pepper. This ‘Pork & Garlic Shoots’ is seasoned with Oyster Sauce & Soy Sauce. Another super easy dish that you can try. Makes 3 to 4 Servings Ingredients 180g thinly sliced Pork *cut into bite-size pieces1 …

  • Pork Vegetables

    Bacon & Garlic Shoots

    Garlic Shoots are the long stems that grow out of the Garlic bulb. Obviously they smell like Garlic and have pleasant crunchy texture. I often stir-fry Garlic Shoots with Beef or Pork, but I know many people, particularly non-Asian people, are not familiar with this vegetable. This is a very simple stir-fry you can try. …

  • Beef Vegetables

    Beef & Garlic Shoots Stir-fry

    Here in Australia, more exotic vegetables and fruit are available. Even supermarket stores are selling unfamiliar vegetables and fruit. I often wonder how to cook them and what they taste like. The best thing to do is ‘try them’. Have you cooked garlic shoots before? This vegetable with the garlic flavour is so tasty and …