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    Crunchy Okra Fritters

    Many Australian people where I am living now don’t eat Okra, OR probably they don’t know what Okra is. My No.1 Okra dish is definitely ‘Fried Okra’, that I fell in love with instantly when I was in Alabama many years ago. And this ‘Crunchy Okra Fritters’ is No. 2. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 10 …

  • Vegetables

    Fried Okra

    Many years ago, I had an opportunity to stay in a small town in Alabama, US. If I had been more open for unfamiliar food, I could have enjoyed my stay better. I discovered some delicious food during my stay, and one of them is ‘Fried Okra’ that I tasted for the first time at …

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    Okra & Natto

    This ‘Okra & Natto’ is very popular in Japan. The slimy Okra mixed with slimy Natto makes it more slimy and it can be eaten as it is, but it’s a great topping for Rice, Noodle and Tofu as shown below. My mother used raw Okra, but I like Okra slightly cooked. Makes 2 to …