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    Smoked Oysters Takikomigohan

    I love ‘Oysters Takikomigohan’ but I don’t cooked it often, because Oysters are extremely expensive in Australia. Then, I tried to make ‘Oysters Takikomigohan’ using Canned Smoked Oysters that are not expensive. The result was interesting. I changed the favour and added Asian Mushrooms. This cheap ‘Smoked Oysters Takikomigohan’ is not bad at all! Makes …

  • Other Seafood Takikomigohan

    Oysters Takikomigohan

    In Japan, shucked Oysters are sold in plastic containers in the same way as meat. They are often quite large and not particularly expensive. Here in Melbourne, Oysters are fancy food. Shucked Oysters are always sold on the half-shell and they are often rather small and quite expensive. This is very disappointing because I like …

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    Fried Oysters

    I don’t like raw oysters. Do you? Try this recipe, you will become a big fan of Oysters especially if you like smoked Oysters. It is much easier to make than you think. This very simple recipe can be used for prawns and scallops as well. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients Oysters enough for 4 servingsSalt …