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  • Vegetables

    Mashed Cauliflower

    If you are looking for an alternative for ‘Mashed Potatoes’, try this ‘Mashed Cauliflower’. It looks exactly like ‘Mashed Potatoes’. The texture is, of course, different and lighter than ‘Mashed Potatoes’. The most importantly, it is a lot lower in calories. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 1 head Cauliflower *cut into florets2 cloves Garlic1 teaspoon Salt …

  • Tofu Vegetables

    Marinated Tapioca Pearls With Silken Tofu

    If you like the rubbery jelly-like texture of Tapioca Pearls, you would enjoy my ‘Marinated Tapioca Pearls’ that can be a great addition to a salad. Today I marinated Tapioca Pearls in ‘Mentsuyu’ for Silken Tofu salad. It was absolutely delicious! What a genius I am! Makes 2 Servings Ingredients 1/4 cup Tapioca Pearls *I …

  • Dressings & Vinaigrettes

    Marinated Tapioca Pearls

    It’s all started when I tried to create fake ‘Ikura’, red caviar made from Salmon roe, as ‘Ikura’ is so difficult to find where I live. I tried to turn Tapioca Pearls into fake ‘Ikura’, but my challenge was not successful. However, I ended up creating very pretty Marinated Tapioca Pearls that can be used …