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  • Egg Fish

    Salmon Sprinkles

    Not only my children (when they were young) but most Japanese children love savoury rice sprinkles called ‘Furikake’. There are loads of ‘Furikake’ products available but I never know what is in them. Home-made savoury sprinkles are easy to make and we can know exactly what is in them. I used to make this ‘Salmon …

  • Harusame & Rice Noodles Pork Vegetables

    Mabo Harusame

    A Japanese word ‘Okazu’ is hard to be translated into English. There is no English word that has the same meaning. The Japanese principal food is rice (short grain). The most typical meal in standard Japanese cuisine is called ‘Ichijū Sansai’ which means ‘One Soup & Three Dishes’. This doesn’t include rice. These dishes are …