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  • Potato Vegetables

    Baby Spinach & Potato Salad

    I like my Yoghurt Dressing that I created for the Kale Coleslaw. Then I used it for the potato salad instead of Japanese mayonnaise. I found the coleslaw dressing was a bit too sweet for the potatoes and it needed herbs. I thought Dill would go well with the yoghurt! That’s how I ended up …

  • Squid & Octopus Vegetables

    Marinated Squid Salad

    I love Squid, especially ‘Squid Sashimi’ which I have never had in Australia. Fresh squids are not available where I live. Frozen or thawed squid tubes are available from any supermarkets. But the whole squids are less than half the price and they don’t smell like chlorine like the processed squid tubes do. If you …

  • Beans & Peas Mazegohan Vegetables

    Crunchy Edamame & Black Rice Salad

    In Melbourne where I live, a greater variety of rice are becoming available even from the average supermarkets. Short, medium and long grain rice. Glutinous rice, Wild rice, Arborio, Basmati, Jasmine, Brown rice, White rice, Red rice and Black rice. I particularly love the black coloured rice such as Wild rice and Black rice. They …