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  • Fish Vegetables

    Microwaved Eggplant & Tuna (Sweet Miso)

    My ‘Sweet Miso Eggplant Don’ is usually made with Pork Mince, but it can be made with Chicken Mince, Beef Mince, Tofu OR Canned Tuna. On the other day when I wanted to eat it for lunch but I didn’t bother cooking it just for myself, I did an experiment. I microwaved everything together… Oh, …

  • Donburi (Rice Bowl) Mushrooms

    King Oyster Mushroom Rice Bowl

    I do love mushrooms and the best mushroom I have ever tasted was my grandmother’s meaty Shiitake. She used to grow Shiitake in a wood near her house and my family was lucky to enjoy the harvest. Whatever way they were cooked, those mushrooms were so chewy and crunchy and delicious. This dish is one …