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  • Cold Sweets

    Almond Milk Jelly

    There is a dessert called ‘Annin Tofu’ that is a soft jelly made of Apricot Kernel Milk, Agar and Sugar. It is impossible to find Apricot Kernel Milk where I live, but it tastes similar to Almond Milk. You know that Almond Milk is very popular these days and it is available from any supermarkets. …

  • Pork Potato

    Pork Mince & Potato Bake

    Much easier and quicker than making a meatloaf or a cottage pie. You do not pre-cook anything. Just combine everything and fill a baking dish, then cover with shredded potatoes and cheese. Sounds interesting? Once you have tried it, it becomes a part of your repertoire. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients Pork Mince 500gOnion 1 *finely …